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Motaz has written, produced

and engineered all of his albums

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He plays guitar, bass, piano, and drums on his projects. Burnside is his newest album.

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"you can never measure my ambition..

whole life, i've been steady on a mission.

room for the plaques, city on my back,

never stay in my lane i can do anything"

-FeLiNa, off the Burnside album


Known for his unique soulful voice, and natural ability to play multiple instruments, Motaz captivates his audience by nimbly blending an array of genres from R&B to Hip- Hop, Soul, Pop and Blues. Motaz’s high-energy performances seduce his audience into an unforgettable experience; combining original melodies and cadences with intriguing and poignant narratives, all encompassed by sophisticated and rhythmic instrumentals. 

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, and needing no stage name; Motaz (his birth name, which means “proud” in Arabic) is a hidden gem in the music industry, and soon-to-be household name. He is a true triple-threat, offering unparalleled passion and work-ethic, masterful abilities on multiple instruments, and most impressively, a history of writing, producing and engineering all his projects. 

As the son of Egyptian immigrants, Motaz was instilled with the values of humility, tenacity and dedication from an early age, and has always understood that anything he wants in life is up to him to work for. His upbringing played a huge role in shaping his passion for music, and his devotion to his craft; choosing to spend his after-school-hours and weekends practicing music and teaching himself to play new instruments. 

The first instrument Motaz learned was drums, at age thirteen while playing in a Rock band. From that point forward, music consumed his life. After teaching himself to play guitar, piano, and bass, along with how to produce full instrumental tracks on his Korg 12-track, Motaz began to develop his talents as a vocalist as well. 

A star was born, and there was no stopping him in his vigorous pursuit of chasing his dreams to become a household name in the music industry. 

Motaz was heavily involved in the Rock scene throughout his teenage years, before finding his true calling, and transitioning to R&B/Soul. His early experience in Rock bands, which toured all over the country, not only helped Motaz learn song structure, but also taught him showmanship and how to control a stage. It’s this background in Rock music that gives Motaz's voice a unique edge to stand out in R&B, and is also what drives his passion for live performances; often creating extended versions of each track, and adding guitar or piano solos to provide the audience with a more enriching musical experience. 

"I truly believe that fans who pay money to see a show, deserve to see some sort of musicianship on the stage before them, and that is what I strive to bring to my performances, as I alternate between guitar, piano and sometimes even drums,” Motaz says. 

Throughout his musical career, Motaz has drawn comparisons to other artists for having the vocal range of the likes of Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Miguel. Guitar playing and songwriting skills that clearly echo influences by John Mayer. And, the chances are very 

high that you will hear layers of harmonized background vocals similar to the King of Pop himself. 

While Motaz is proud of his musical accomplishments to date, and confident in his future as an Artist, his sense of humility tells him there is still a lot of work to be done. Motaz welcomes the challenge, and is thrilled to see what the future has in store for him! 


"and i'm building the beat, on my track i'm a feat. six strings and the keys,

god damn i'm a beast"

-77'/Interlude, off the Burnside album



Burnside album promo video


"growing up under dark clouds,

you learn to find your way around. so save your breath if you thought that i was done. thought i told you i'm the one."

-Kadupul, off the Kadupul album








Currently working on new music. Until then, listen to my last album; Burnside.